It is part of STÉE’s approach and philosophy that all STÉE bags are only made with high quality
Italian made materials. The leathers and their hardware are conceived from scratch.

STÉE chose to produce within a generations old family-run factory in Italy that only produce high
luxury goods.
Keeping the traditional way of producing our bags, we are always improving our sustainability
We have intensifed their partnership with DANI leathers, one of the leading companies when
it comes to sustainability in the leather industry. Their commitment to the environment and
sustainable practices is certifed.


It ensures:
- The least water consumption
- The least chemical product use
- The least thermal and electrical energy
- Greenhouse gas emissions control

During the production process of our STÉE bags, 98% of wastage and leftovers of materials and
leathers are re-used on inside parts of our STÉE bags or being recycled.
STÉE is using leather that is free from chrome and heavy metals, resulting in a substantial reduction
in CO2 emissions due to the tanning process. CO2 emissions are fully compensate with partisipation
in various reforestation projects.